WPI was recently contracted to provide an ultra-sophisticated highly specified Power System for a continuous application electrifying a midstream compression station.  The project called for almost 4 MW of power to include spinning reserve and emergency backup.  Four of the five gensets utilizing the Waukesha L7042GSI-S4 natural gas engine serve as the main drivers with one utilized as emergency backup.  Each package is equipped with Waukesha’s ESM2/AFR2 controls which made tuning the gensets a dream.

Included with our system was a ten section, metal clad, seismic & arc flash rated switchgear line up. Controls based on AB ControllLogix platform with mirror image on local and switchgear mounted HMI.  Completely customizable automated system for start/stop, synchronizing, paralleling and load sharing/shedding. System also boasts a 750 KWe remote load bank that automatically mitigates light loading.  The load bank is also used to tune the engine for maintenance, emissions and run checks under load isolated from the buss.

All our packages come with a customer witnessed, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).  All components are assembled for the FAT including remote coolers, load bank, switchgear and generators.  This testing allows for any discrepancies to be resolved prior to leaving the WPI facilities and smoother commissioning of the power system at job site.

During the FAT, the rich burn Waukesha’s ran incredibly stable, synchronized and paralleled with ease.  We recorded record times closing all units to the buss from a black start.  The ESM2 Engine controls are extremely precise with spot on fuel/air metering. Lightning fast communication from the controls to the engine with on board diagnostics and service manual displayed on the engine’s HMI.  No more need to carry a laptop everything is configurable from the touch screen HMI’s.  The 900 rpm, 770 KW gensets are equipped with a three-way NSCR Catalytic Converter as part of the emissions system.  These with the AFR2 controls maintain levels of NOx @ .15 Grams/Horsepower- Hour and .60 G/H-Hr CO.