What is Pearce Power Solutions – PPS?  A quality alternative for your Caterpillar® needs.  Quality is the prime consideration with PPS, evident by over 20-years of proven performance and results.  PPS products will meet or exceed OEM quality in form, fit, function, and appearance.  We partner with experienced, expert manufacturers who specialize in OEM best practices utilizing innovative technologies to meet increasing demanding customer, regulatory, and market requirements.  Along with the highest standards for quality, we offer Solutions for customers.  Solutions include cutting edge design and materials, custom kits, state of the art packaging, 2-year warranty, and service. Our service centers are positioned in all major shale plays and have locations in Canada and Alaska.  PPS is backed by 97 years of success in sales, distribution, customer, and technical service!

PPS is the Solution for your Caterpillar® needs!

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