Planned Maintenance

WPI planned maintenances delivers peak performance and longer life

To keep your equipment running optimally, WPI offers the most comprehensive planned maintenance program available for gas compression, power generation, earth moving, recycling and mining solutions. Every WPI technician is highly trained, maintaining their expertise with ongoing in-house and factory training on the latest industry procedures and requirements.

Partnering with WPI for planned maintenance means more reliable performance, but it also means you’ll enjoy a discount on all other services and parts.

Available WPI planned maintenance procedures for gas compression include:
  • Pre-shutdown operating parameter reading
  • Proper fan belt tensioning
  • Valve lash adjustment
  • Oil change and filter replacement
  • Linkage greasing and timing check
  • Coolant corrosion and anti-freeze test
  • Safety end-device function test
  • Post P.M. operation test