Remanufactured Engines

When your business model calls for the strategic use of remanufactured engines you can’t make a smarter choice than WPI. Our new, state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the remanufacturing process and deliver an engine that will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specification.

Remanufactured Engines

From engine disassembly to final testing and painting, we’ve completely reengineered the remanufacturing process to make the engine faster, better and more reliable, and at the same time, do everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of the process.

Remanufactured Engines

Every step of the way the process is documented, and final testing is done in one of our two DS4010 Dynamometers equipped with an instrumentation package to record and view the engines performance.





  • F1197G
  • F18GL
  • F18GSI
  • F2895G
  • F2895GL
  • F3521G
  • F3521GSI
  • F3524GSI
  • F817G
  • H24GL-HCR
  • H24GL-LCR
  • H24GSI
  • L36GL-HCR
  • L26GL-LCR
  • L5108G
  • L5108GSI
  • L5774LT
  • L5790GL
  • L5790GSI
  • L5794GSI
  • L5794GSI-ESM
  • L5794LT-ESM
  • L5794SI-EXT
  • L7042G
  • L7042GL
  • L7042GSI
  • L7042GSI-EXT
  • L7044GSI-S5
  • L7044GSIE
  • L7044GSI-ESM
  • L7044GSI-EXT
  • P9390GSI

  • G3304-NA
  • G3306-NA
  • G3306-TA
  • G3406-NA
  • G3512-LE
  • G3512-TAL
  • G3516LE
  • G3516TALE

  • VRG220
  • VRG310
  • VRG330

WPI has a vast variety of remanufactured engine parts, click here to find out more!