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Revamp – To change or rearrange something in order to improve it.  You spend millions acquiring, installing, and maintaining your compression fleet.  Over the years, as your application conditions change, those compression assets may no longer be ideally configured for your needs.  Although your existing configurations may now be sub optimized, the value-adding components of those packages can still have years of money-making life left in them.  WPI’s team of revamp experts can help you reconfigure and repurpose underutilized compression assets, allowing them to continue generating production and profits for years to come.
Compression Revamp Services
Before: Recylinder/Restage
Compression Revamp Services
After: Recylinder/Restage

Services Include:

Restaging – Increasing or decreasing the number of compression stages due to new or changing application conditions (suction pressure, discharge pressure, gas volume)

Cylinder Changes – Increasing or decreasing the compression cylinder sizes (without restaging) to account for new or changing application conditions

Cooler Upgrades – Re-tube, re-section or complete cooler replacement to handle new or changing application conditions

Driver Changes/Electrification – Changing the engine brand, horsepower or configuration (i.e. lean burn to rich burn) OR removing the gas engine completely and installing electric motors to drive the compressor and cooler

Sour Gas Conversions – Upgrading the process handling components of the system (compressor cylinders and distance pieces, vessels, piping, cooler sections) and instruments to safely work in H2S & CO2 applications

Engine/Compressor Overhauls – Engine top-end overhauls, in-frame overhauls, and complete compressor rebuilds either as stand-alone services or as part of larger scale revamp projects

Emissions Upgrades – Complete exhaust upgrades, catalytic converter upgrades, OEM or 3rd party engine control systems to ensure compliance with local and federal emissions regulations

Instrumentation/Electrical/Control Panel Upgrades – Panels, PLC’s, conduit/wire, shipboard cable/tray, transmitters, remote monitoring


With decades of experience and state-of-the-art facilities, WPI offers Compression Revamping Services across a wide range of compressor package types.

Compression Revamp Services
Revamp Facility - Houston, Texas
Compression Revamp Services
Revamp Facility - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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