Production Equipment Services

WPI can provide production equipment services to keep oil & gas production operations running, on any brand of equipment, in all the operating basins in the USA. We offer installation and commissioning services to assist with startup. Once equipment is operational, the production equipment services team helps keep it that way with an array of preventive maintenance services. Including 24/7 on call, scheduled, preventive and contract maintenance, measurement and calibration services and field based ASME repair work.


Operator based training • Installation and Startup • Scheduled Maintenance • Emergency Call-Outs • Dehydration Unit Equipment Cleanings • Condensate Stabilizer Equipment Cleaning • Maintenance • Performance Analysis • Emissions Testing • System Upgrades • Inspections 

    Production equipment services provide the parts and accessories you need to help minimize downtown and maximize the life of your oil & gas production equipment!

    Through one provider you get fast response, greater efficiency, assured accountability and more reliability–all leading to less downtime and  more production.