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As stated by Mr. Frankie Baird, VP at WPI, “With the ever-growing uncertainty in society and the industry, open communication with key stakeholders is paramount.” Frankie firmly believes it is crucial to share with our growing customers, partners, community, and employees the latest and greatest activities occurring within the business.  To that end, we are excited to share the launch of “Frankie’s Corner”!  Each quarter, Frankie will take the opportunity to share his thoughts regarding key questions, challenges and opportunities facing the business, industry and more. We hope such insight helps our respective stakeholders learn more about what we are doing to support them in these dynamic times.

Frankie’s Corner
Frankie Baird, in front of a newly remanufactured Waukesha VHP Engine

Delivering Success Within a Sustainable and Cleaner Future

Q. How is ESG integrated within WPI?

I recently read in a trade magazine that companies today have two options: develop an ESG strategy and ensure continued operation; or ignore it and become obsolete. WPI has been working towards offering cleaner energy solutions to our customers before ESG became a movement in the industry. The WPI Reman Center (Houston, Texas) is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to reduce the environmental impact of the remanufacturing process and deliver an engine that will meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. Along with our Reman facility, our Oklahoma City facility was designed with a geothermal heating and cooling system that allows us to reduce up to 80% of our heating and cooling cost.
WPI’s ESG strategy goes beyond just our Gas Compression solutions, it also includes our Standby Power and Prime Power solutions. The WPI Standby Power solution is guiding our customers to look at using natural gas as the preferred fuel supply while migrating away from diesel fuel. The storage of diesel fuel as well as the engines overall emissions are key drivers.
On the Prime Power solution side, we have gensets running a bitcoin mining operation utilizing stranded wellhead gas as the fuel source. The use of our natural gas engines allows the wells to be in production while the gas is processed to acceptable emissions levels via engine combustion and a three-way catalyst. WPI is the leading provider for a 100% natural gas solution as a direct replacement for the less environmentally friendly diesel engine in drilling applications. Internally, we review every department’s policy to ensure it aligns with our ESG goals. This is something as simple as sharing office printers to monitoring our vehicle fleet for idle engine run times.
As we move forward to build a more robust ESG program we will continue to also look to build partnerships with manufacturers, vendors, and customers that align with our ESG policies.

Q. How is WPI’s remanufacturing process contributing to a cleaner environment and lowering climate related risks?

At WPI, one of our key competitive advantages is returning end-of-life products to like-new condition, by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials that reduce waste and minimize the need for raw materials, energy and water associated with producing new components. This includes reclaiming used oil and recycling smaller components like batteries and catalysts
Frankie’s Corner
Oklahoma City Facility
Within the WPI REMAN process, we have recently added a dedicated core processing group to insure the timely return of reusable castings to our manufacturing partners. WPI’s remanufacturing processes are providing customers with world class equipment (Engines, Compressors, Revamps, Power Generation, etc.) that align with our customers ESG strategies by helping deliver lower operating costs, lower emissions, and returning end of life products to like-new condition. This well thought through process has substantial impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

Q. What does the future hold for ESG within WPI?

Given the dynamic environment in which we work and the continued reliance on natural gas, we will continually evaluate our operational methods to promote sustainable business practices and ethical, transparent governance within our walls and with our customers. We continually focus on opportunities to reduce our environmental impact in the areas where we operate and provide innovative, environmentally efficient solutions to our customers.

Our approach to corporate, social, and environmental responsibility and sustainability; centers on maintaining excellent safety performance, limiting our environmental footprint, leveraging innovation to provide environmentally efficient solutions to our customers and supporting our employees and communities. For a more in-depth look at WPI’s ESG strategy, click the logo below to view our full presentation.

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