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As stated by Mr. Frankie Baird, VP at WPI, “With the ever-growing uncertainty in society and the industry, open communication with key stakeholders is paramount.” Frankie firmly believes it is crucial to share with our growing customers, partners, community, and employees the latest and greatest activities occurring within the business.  To that end, we are excited to share the launch of “Frankie’s Corner”!  Each quarter, Frankie will take the opportunity to share his thoughts regarding key questions, challenges and opportunities facing the business, industry and more. We hope such insight helps our respective stakeholders learn more about what we are doing to support them in these dynamic times.

Frankie’s Corner
Frankie Baird, in front of a newly remanufactured Waukesha VHP Engine

Delivering Success Within a Talented and Reputable Environment

Q. How has WPI addressed the increasing challenges of hiring and retaining great talent?

A. I believe the best differentiator of WPI is our unique culture of building from within. Whether it’s our people or our engines, it’s important to WPI that the highest quality talent is properly utilized to produce tomorrow’s industry leading horsepower. Under the Pearce family’s hands on management of the businesses for 98 years, this culture has thrived and encouraged a diverse workforce. When potential new employees learn about our culture and what we’ve accomplished as a nearly a century old company, it is a powerful recruiting tool. As far as retaining talent, we have built many internal programs to help our employees set and reach their professional goals. A great example of this is our technician training program, where our management helps lay out a career path for our employees and provides the technical and business education need to follow that path. Combined, our internal culture, development programs and the stability of being a Pearce family company are the greatest retention tools any manager can ask for.

Q. What experiences or traits do you look for in hiring?

A. One key area that I always focus on in hiring at all levels is culturally… will this individual fit? We’re not looking to bring on board any potential candidates that aren’t in it for the long haul. We’ve got employees that have been with us for 40 plus years. They have thrived within the company and so we always look for, or try to at least, make sure they can fit culturally. When we look outside for talent to fill a non-entry level position, we focus on their experience level and try to hire the top industry experts available. While the oil and gas industry is a global giant, it really is a small community of talented individuals. Many times, we already know the candidates and their reputations. The successful candidates are customer focused, have industry knowledge, experience, good reputation, and just as important, can fit culturally within WPI.
Frankie’s Corner
Dennis Spearman (left) and Morris Mitchael (right) - 45 Years of Service

Q. Why do you think WPI is a great place to work?

A. As it states in our mission statement, “WPI Recognizes Our Employees as Our Greatest Asset!” It’s the people here and our shareholders that make things happen and allow us to take care of our customers in a world class fashion. I believe, with a strong work ethic, there’s tremendous growth opportunities within the company. Many of our mangers and leadership (both past and present) started their WPI careers pulling customer orders in the warehouse or turning wrenches as a technician and moved up the ranks. I always try to encourage management to make sure that we’re seeking out those incumbent employees that are looking to grow and wanting to advance. As managers, it’s our job to make sure that they get there, retain them, and they’re happy and proud to work at WPI.

Q. How long have you been at WPI?

A. In total 18 years. I started in this industry at WPI, worked for 5 years, then went on to work for another company, a bigger company for 9 years. I gained a lot of experience, both domestically and internationally, but ultimately ended back up at WPI 13 years ago. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. My story is very similar to many other folks here at WPI, that have left and come back. I think that says that WPI is a very reputable company that has been around for 98 years, and that the Pearce family takes care of their employees and their customer base.

  For our next issue of Frankie’s Corner, Frankie will shed light on how WPI plays an active role in the community as it pertains to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance Developments).

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