WPI offers power products like mobile generators which provide a variety of diverse options that allow consumers, construction site workers, and business owners alike to complete a variety of projects while increasing their overall ROI.

Equipment Request

  • Diesel EPA Certified mobile generator units able to operate in the most challenging environments.
  • Our gaseous generators can be set to run on liqiud propane, natural gas or wellhead gas – and even automatically switch over to the designated secondary fuel source if primary fuel is interrupted.
  • Mobile generators come with durable sound attenuated enclosures provide quiet operation, suitable for a variety of applications and environments.
  • Programmable controllers allow for ultimate efficiency and easy-to-read generator status screens.
  • Light towers, heaters, water pumps, water trailers, combo units, dust suppression, Generac pro, Government, and Military.

Through one provider you get fast response, greater efficiency, assured accountability and more reliability–all leading to less downtime and  more production.

WPI’s generator service is available 24/7/365. Click here to send us your request!